The Farm

The Pomario farm of the Spalletti Trivelli family is located in the province of Perugia near Monteleone di Orvieto, on the border between Tuscany and Umbria. Situated 500m above sea level, where Orvieto’s land becomes one with the special climate of the high hills of the Trasimeno, where the north wind prevails during winter and the lake’s moderate climate dominates during summer.
Pomario is a small hill (about 10 hectares) very bright and isolated from the environment by a thick forest that surrounds it and expands until the river Nestore, an affluent of the Tiber.

The composition of the soil, rich in skeleton structure but with loose silt and clay, the strong lighting, and the presence of water sources, are the key elements that have made Pomario a perfect place for an agricultural settlement. The presence of an old farm house dating back to the early seventeenth century, the ancient olive trees and the old vineyards are evidence of this.
Recently, Giangiacomo and Susanna Spalletti Trivelli, having understood the potential of this “agro ecosystem,” pristine and exceptionally rare, have decided to buy Pomario and manage it according to the dictates of organic-biodynamic agriculture.
The Olive Grove and Vineyard, though uncultivated for some years, were still in excellent condition and in perfect harmony with the environment.


Azienda Agricola POMARIO

Loc. Pomario · 06066 Piegaro · Perugia · Italy
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