The family

The Spalletti Trivelli family has a strong connection with the world of wine-making. Venceslao Spalletti Trivelli, Senator of the kingdom, and his wife, Gabriella Rasponi, niece of Gioacchino Murat and Carolina Bonaparte (Napoleon’s sister), purchased at the end of nineteenth century, an estate in Tuscany where their son Cesare, at the beginning of 1920’s, started the production of a very renowned Chianti. The winery was sold at the beginning of 1970’s. Giangiacomo, grandson of Cesare, with his wife Susanna d’Inzeo, daughter of the horseback riding champion Raimondo, are now running both the Pomario farm and Villa Spalletti Trivelli, the family’s historic residence, a luxury boutique hotel situated in front of the Quirinale palace.


Azienda Agricola POMARIO

Loc. Pomario · 06066 Piegaro · Perugia · Italy
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