The natural terracing that from the top of the hill slopes down to the woods are the ideal habitat for the olive groves that are still numerous and perfectly healthy, despite the secular age. It has been sufficient to add a few new plants and reposition some of the old ones that were completely integrated with the wood to obtain a healthy and productive Olive Grove. The main varieties are those of classic Umbria oil with a predominance of Frantoio and Moraiolo (70%), Leccino (25%) and various Pollinators.
Cultivation techniques are traditional in accordance with the dictates of Organic Agriculture: farming with a pot, grass and localized organic fertilization. The collection, very early, is manual with only the help of soft facilitators. The olives are cold pressed directly in the farm within the first 3 hours from the collection. The oil at the sight appears of a nice emerald green. To the nose it presents rich fruity notes and to the taste is well-balanced with strong fresh grass tones. Intensely Bitter and Spicy, but in an harmonic way, leaves a spicy aftertaste with a flavour of fresh olive.


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