Muffato delle Streghe Organic Wine

GRAPE: Reisling e Sauvignon Blanc
PROOF: 13% Vol. according to the vintage

AROMA: Aromas of honey, candied fruits thanks to the Botrytis Cinerea (Mould)

TASTE: harmonious and well structured with the presence spices, caramel.It is a Sweet wine excellent for desserts but can be also paired, thanks to the important structure, with Foie Gras, Seasoned and Spicy Cheeses.

VINIFICATION: The Botrytis Cinerea requires specific climatic conditions: Fog in the morning and sun in the afternoon because without a perfect balance between humidity and heat this mould doesn’t develop.The harvest lasts several weeks since it requests the selection of the grapes that have reached the right amount of mould. The wine rests in wood for 2-3 years before being bottled.